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Set Off on an Adventure With Our Exciting Jet Boat Tours

Learn About Our Local Culture, History, and Wildlife

At Blue Water Jet Boat Tours, all our trips are narrated. With us, you'll be able to learn more about the historical significance of the local area and spot rare wildlife. We recommend you bring your binoculars for a better experience. Don't have binoculars? We've got you covered.

Blue Water Jet Boat Tours has been offering boat tours to Topock Gorge and Lake Havasu from the same location at Bridgewater Channel for over two and a half decades.
Starship 2010

Make Your Reservation for a Tour on the Starship 2010

Ride aboard our Starship 2010, a '47 custom-built shallow draft vessel with a climate-controlled cabin and amenities like a restroom and a snack bar. Contact us now for a fun-filled ride that's perfect for your family and friends. Starship 2010 is U.S.C.G-certified and is operated by U.S.C.G. licensed captains.

We are located on the same dock on the Havasu Landing Casino Ferry Boat. Parking is available at either the lower London Bridge parking lot or the Casino Ferry boat parking lot, both of which are located on the London Bridge road.

We provide you with three trip options:
  • A 2.5-hour round-trip to Topock Gorge
  • A 5-hour round-trip to Topock Gorge with lunch at the Pirate Cove Resort
  • A 3-hour lake cruise with views of local lighthouses and Lake Havasu's beautiful sunset
Reservations recommended.

Our trip prices are:
  • Adults: $45 (Plus Tax)
  • Seniors: $42 (Plus Tax)
  • Children aged 6-12: $25 (Plus Tax)
  • Children aged 5 years and under can take the trip for FREE!
Apart from our educational and adventurous trips, we can also provide you with group tours, private tours, wedding tours, etc. Contact us for more details.
Desert Bighorn Sheeps

Discover the Legends of Topock Gorge

With Blue Water Jet Boat Tours, you can take an adventurous sight-seeing trip to Topock Gorge. As part of our tour plan, you depart from the London Bridge and travel across the north basin of Lake Havasu through the Havasu National Wildlife Refuge on the way to Topock Gorge.

On the tour, you'll even be able to spot wildlife like the Desert Bighorn Sheep, Wild Burro, Coyote, and others. You'll also get a chance to see 394 different species of migratory birds and water fowls. In addition, you can visit the Star Gazer rock formation and the 3,500-year-old Mojave Indian Petroglyphs. 

Our experienced and knowledgeable crew will familiarize you about the history of the area, from Indian legends to the stories of early explorers. You'll also get to learn about the Paddle Wheelers, who journeyed through difficult terrain to supply army camps and carry gold and silver ores before the dams were built. We provide the following trip options for you:
  • 2.5-hour round-trip to Topock Gorge
  • 5-hour round-trip to Topock Gorge with lunch at the Pirate Cove.
Our tours begin at 10:30 am and usually end by 3:30 pm. We recommend that you call us today and make reservations for our exclusive boat tours to enjoy a scenic ride.
Boat tour at Lake Havasu with hot air balloons

Experience Breathtaking Sunsets at Lake Havasu

The three-hour cruise with Blue Water Jet Boat Tours is timed perfectly so you can catch a beautiful sunset at Lake Havasu. Our cruise takes you south from the London Bridge to Steamboat Cove, which happens to be a good place to spot Desert Bighorn Sheep. 

On our journey, you'll also get an opportunity to visit Copper Canyon, Balanced Rock Bay, and other famous historic lighthouses. We'll also narrate the history associated with each lighthouse and the London Bridge. Our timings may vary and we provide the following trip options: 
  • A 3-hour lake cruise with views of local lighthouses and Lake Havasu's beautiful sunset
We recommend that you make your reservations today!
Call us today for reservations. We also offer group discounts.
As a family-owned and operated boat touring company, we have been in business since 1988. Count on us for private boat tours as well.
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